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Looking for fun and effective ways to build your team's chemistry?

Here are several great team building exercises, challenges, and activities that you can use to create team unity...

POINTS OF CONTACT Points of Contact is a fun activity designed to challenge a group to work together and exceed their expectations. . . . keep reading
TEAM TRANSPORT Team Transport is a fun and easy activity that will remind your teammates about what it takes to be an effective team. . . . keep reading
Ideas for Welcoming Your Newcomers/Freshmen
Ideas for Welcoming Your Newcomers/Freshmen Looking for some positive ways to welcome and effectively assimilate your new team members? . . . keep reading
THE HUMAN KNOT The Human Knot challenges your teammates to work, communicate, and problem solve together to achieve a common goal. . . . keep reading
MAGIC SHOES Magic Shoes is a fun activity that encourages your team to problem solve, communicate clearly, determine a plan, make adjustments, decide on roles, and overcome adversity. . . . keep reading
TEAM JUGGLE DRILL This is a great drill to help your teammates understand their roles and reinforce how important it is to work together. . . . keep reading
ROCK SOLID Rock Solid is a team building idea which emphasizes the power of unity and commitment. . . . keep reading
KINDNESS CHAIN The Kindness Chain shows how simple acts of kindness can have a positive, uplifting, and unifying effect on your team. . . . keep reading
TEAM TOUCH - STAYING IN TOUCH Here's a simple yet powerful idea you can use to promote team unity throughout the season. . . . keep reading
BLINDFOLDED BIRTHDAY LINEUP This challenging activity is a fun way to teach your teammates about togetherness and how to communicate without talking. . . . keep reading
AUTOGRAPHS Autographs is a great icebreaker when your teammates may not know very much about each other. . . . keep reading
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University of North Carolina

"The Carolina Leadership Academy has made an enormous impact on our culture at Carolina. The Team Captains Network provides our emerging and experienced leaders with a 24/7 resource and support network. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to get world-class leadership education and support for your student-athlete leaders!"

John Blanchard
UNC Sr. Assoc. AD

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Southern Illinois University

DePauw University

Tennessee Tech University

Colgate University

St. Mary's University

Union College

Canisius College

Williams College

Gettysburg College

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Baldwin-Wallace College

Randolph-Macon Woman's College

Colby College

Colorado College

Alma College

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Wasson High School

Holly High School

Mountain Vista High School

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Campo High School

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Ben Davis High School

Lake Highland Prep School

Corunna High School

Trinity Episcopal School

Little Chute High School

Newport Harbor High School

Luther High School

Rice Lake High School

Plymouth Canton High School

Bishop Kelly High School

McLean High School

Notre Dame Academy

Maysville High School

Willard High School

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Eastern York High School

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Cocalico High School

Minnesota Valley Lutheran High School

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