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home | Sharpen Focus

Need to get your teammates more focused?

Here a several ideas you can do to improve your team's concentration.

START, STOP, CONTINUE Is your team not exactly where it needs to be? Here you'll find a practical activity that you can use to gather your teammate's input, find the root of the problem, and generate some great ideas for solving the situation. . . . keep reading
THE PICKLE JAR Here's an innovative way to encourage your teammates to not worry and stress about all the other things going on in their lives when they are at practice. . . . keep reading
FOCUSING ON THE PROCESS Are your teammates too focused on the end result and not enough on the process that will get them there? Use this activity to help your teammates focus on the process of success. . . . keep reading
CONTROLLABLES CHALLENGE Here's a challenging and fun activity to help your teammates learn to focus only on what they can control. . . . keep reading
SQUIRT BOTTLE DISTRACTION This hilarious challenge brings a lot of fun to practice while helping your teammates strengthen their ability to focus during adversity. . . . keep reading